John: An Immigrant True Story

By Edward Lukaszek
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Immigrants face many challenges when they finally arrive to the United States. This book follows John from Russian-occupied Poland to New York where he opened a tavern that was to serve many colorful characters. This book is dedicated to the author’s seven-year old grandchild so she may learn about and appreciate her great-grandparents and so that the world at large can learn how the many struggles endured by immigrant results in striving for peace and freedom for all.

About the Author

Edward Lukaszek is an eight-three year old son of immigrants John and Julia Lukaszek. He is a former army veteran, teacher, police officer, and recent lab technician and officer of Biotrax Food and Environmental testing lab. He would often tell his children and grandchild about the true stories of his parents’ lives, their friends, neighbors, and the historical events during their lifetime. John was a remarkable man who overcame many obstacles to become successful. However, as he wrote the story of his father, he discovered that Julia was a most remarkable person as well. This is a true story of two very special people that Lukaszek is proud to call “Mom” and “Dad” and the very special people of a very special neighborhood.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 42