A Generation To Remember: A Story Dedicated To Yoseph & Haia Shkedi

By Ben-Yoseph
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This is the story of the most dedicated people who were on the ground in the fight for and birth of the State of Israel. While the stories of leaders have been told, so many others contributed to the cause in ways that are rarely acknowledged. With their blood, sweat, tears, and far too often with their lives, in most inhospitable conditions, everyday men and women fought for their families and the Jewish cause. Yoseph and Haia Shkedi were among them. This book focuses on their dedication and the dream shared by all those who made the redemption of the Jewish homeland possible.

About the Author

Raised on a farm in Israel, Ben-Yoseph enjoyed his childhood. As a young boy and even into his adult life, however, Ben-Yoseph did not understand the enormity of the obstacles his parents overcame to make his happy life possible, for a while. Fortunately, before too late, Ben-Yoseph realized the magnitude of his parent’s contribution to the Jewish people and to their family, and wrote it so their succeeding generations will know. This is a story of two lives dedicated to an enormous worthy cause.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 180