Where Evil Dwells

By Randy Harris
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Ebony Delaney, frustrated with the bureaucracy and what she considered marginally effective protocols of the NYPD, forms her own detective agency. Determined to fight corruption and serve the weak and defenseless, she fights to help abducted girls and girls forced into prostitution. In the course of that battle, she uncovers a ring that is abducting young women with the intention of sending them overseas into a slavery ring. Thus ensues an epic battle between Ebony and her team against these diabolic protagonists.

About the Author

Randy Harris was born and raised in Albany, New York. After graduating from Adelphi University, he worked as a disability analyst for the Social Security Administration for over thirty years. He enjoyed a lucrative career as a singer, signing recording contracts, touring and appearing in several Off-Broadway productions including in the original cast of the record setting "Mama, I want to sing". He is currently recording and performing with Reverend Keith Branch and the Branch Company as well as The Five Living Stones.

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"Where Evil Dwells, is a captivating work of fiction that gives you a real inside look of the sex trafficking world. Ebony, the heroine of his first book, no longer with the NYPD and its red tape, opens her own private detective agency. Her first big case is a major operation in sex trade of young girls. It opens with three distinct stories, seemingly unrelated, but superbly intertwined full of twist and turns. A mature new writer Randy Harris without doubt will be a well read author very soon. His unique writing is portrayed on each page of the book. Each character is so thoughtfully conceived that I felt I knew them in real life. After reading this novel you will be spreading the word of this exceptional writer."

Published: 2023
Page Count: 376