When Addison Said Goodbye...

By Tiffany Hurdle
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When Addison Said Goodbye

When Addison Said Goodbye is the journey of a teenage girl who becomes pregnant at the age of fifteen. The girl defies most odds; however, she can't deny illness and death. The book teaches us to regain triumph and determination in our lives, to stop judging people, to help educate and find cures for rare illnesses such as adrenal insufficiency, and to live each day like it's the last but in a loving and responsible manner. The message is simple: “Love all, because you never know when the final day will come for you or others.”

About the Author

Tiffany Hurdle became a public schoolteacher for elementary grades K-4 and joined the PTA of her boys’ schools for twelve years before becoming a life insurance agent. As a schoolteacher, she coached a junior varsity high school cheer squad for about three years because she too cheered in high school.

She is the mother of five beautiful boys, including a set of twins whose ages vary. Tiffany’s house usually has guests consisting of other cousins and friends who are the boys’ playmates, which includes one of her old students. It gives her great pleasure, some pain, and heartache to watch the boys grow and become independent young men. They keep her busy with their sports or school activities.

Besides reading and writing, Tiffany enjoys experiencing new places and trying new foods or activities with her friends and family. Her goal is to become a better advocate for autoimmune diseases, mainly adrenal diseases, and the importance of life insurance for all ages, especially children. For the past three years, their family has hosted a small gathering and walk in honor of their boys who fight an autoimmune disease battle daily.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 78