Trixie Brackett

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Trixie Brackett is a witch who has special powers, which she gets from one of her fathers, in addition to her numerous gifts. Trixie Brackett: The Girl Who Dared to Survive brings you to a wonderful wizarding world.

About the Author

L. J. Thompson and her husband have two huskies, who are their kids. They reside in Prince George, Virginia.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 90

Customer Reviews

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John Miller
This book is very interesting

This book will teach a lot to so many people that got in touch with this book.

Laurie-Ann Thompson
Trixie Brackett the girl who dare to survive her special gifts

I love this book even though its dark it shows just hpe evil the dark side is an Trixie using her love for Jesus an streanth to over come evil. This will let all parents to uses this book to teach there own kids about abuse an to have the courage to seek help. I love the wizarding world.