The Way I See It: A Collection Of Writings

By Matthew Durden
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THE WAY I SEE IT is a collection of short tales of the life of Matthew Durden: how he, as a Southern Georgia kid, grew up, joined the military, and traveled the world. Born in 1953, Durden has first-hand knowledge of the South and yet was able to live around the world and see life from many different angles. His unique and fascinating story ranges from a boy who picked cotton, to joining the 101st Airborne Airmobile, and becoming a Drill Sergeant.

About the Author

Matthew Durden grew up with family and wonderful neighbors who have been with him throughout his life’s journey. His parents, Grady and Nerisa Durden, provided all he needed to succeed in life, and he was fortunate to have a brother and sisters growing up. He has been blessed with his wife, Faith, his sons, Dietrich and Rashaun, his daughters, Kendra, Shayla, and Rayna, and two grandchildren, Brycen and Willow.

Durden joined the military after high school and enrolled in college at age forty-eight and became a Respiratory Therapist Technician. At sixty-one, he enrolled in college again and studied public communication. He enjoys writing, physical fitness, and has a special interest in understanding human nature.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 60