The Torture House

By Randy N. Scarborough
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The Torture House begins with a seemingly ordinary couple and their longing to have children. As readers follow the Carver family, everything seems to go wrong. This thriller shows the dangerous mind of a madman and details a web of horror that sucks in anyone unfortunate enough to have known the Carvers. Will detectives Richards and Roberts put together the pieces of the crime in time to save these unfortunate men and women from the torture house? Read on to find out.

About the Author

Randy N. Scarborough once suffered from terrifying nightmares that woke him in panic. Hed see horrific crimes in detail. His wife suggested he begin to write down his dreams. The writing became therapeutic for him and eventually led to him writing The Torture House.

Scarborough lives in the Toledo, Ohio, area with his family. He intends to write more thrillers.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 88