The Theory Of Dreams

By A.R. German
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Years ago, as a little girl, Sasha Palmer was the sole survivor of a tragic car accident that left her traumatized with night terrors and insomnia. Today, during a summer visit to her grandfather’s, she stumbles upon an invention of his he calls - The Dream Machine - After secretly connecting to its interface, she learns to consciously manipulate and control her own dreams and creates a vivid dreamworld beyond her wildest expectations. Meanwhile, her repressed subconscious manifests itself as a trusted ally and guide throughout her dreamworld but unbeknownst to her, develops its own agenda of trapping her in her dreams so it may become free. As the battle of dueling conscious states ensues, we bear witness to Sasha evolving from a nerdy preteen to a raging uncontrollable force. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 476