The Spy's Apprentice: A Novel Inspired By True Events In Persia

By Tatiana Ovanessoff
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The Spy’s Apprentice is a novel inspired by true events, based on Tatiana Ovanessoff’s grandfather and uncle.

It is a story narrated by the son of a successful family man and Russian spy who plans his exit from the Russian Checka spy organization to save his family. However, he is caught in the Anglo Russian rivalry for Persia, and must decide between his freedom and saving his newfound love from prison and certain death. It is a re-imagining of a brief vignette in history.

About the Author

Tatiana Ovanessoff is a Russian-Armenian immigrant woman who after growing up in Iran (Persia), obtained a degree in Journalism in the US. She is an award-winning artist and enjoys the outdoors. Now retired and a citizen, Ovanessoff lives in the countryside of San Diego, California, with her husband, cats, and dog named Shah.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 194