The Reluctant Christians

By Kristine Johnson
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This compelling and exciting fictional story of the Reluctant Christians depicts the lifelong journey of a mother, Nora Young, and her daughter Kathryn (Kate) as they struggle to remove themselves from the restrictive tentacles of life in a small town dominated by a conservative, misogynistic religion. 
This is a love story that exposes abuse within religious organizations, but by no means is this story anti-religion. Rather, it is a story of self-reliance and resilience that explores the strength of the soul within. This is a love story that spans decades of pioneering a new path for a family in a new time for women who seek freedom, and break barriers of behavior dictation, despite the fear of repercussion.
As the author, I was inspired by the words of Woodrow Wilson, “There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed”.
The characters find themselves united to bring comfort and forgiveness to their lives. The strength of their relationships challenges them to defy the unjust suffering and persecution of sister ancestors, one another, and all women who have encountered prejudice and abuse of power.
Together they rise above with wisdom, compassion, lessons learned and groundbreaking leadership. Together they confront the past and carve the future. There are children to be cared for, loves to be discovered, death and grief to be endured, and life to be lived by the characters entwined in this dramatic love story.
I give my heartfelt thanks to my family who have steadily encouraged me over the past four years of this project. I dedicate this story to LOVE, the answer to all things good.

About the Author

Kristine Johnson resides in Colorado. After growing up in a small rural community in Utah, she had accumulated life experiences that contributed to her inspiration to write this novel. Writing has always been her passion as both a cathartic and comforting hobby. She has been a long-time sports industry professional as well as an accomplished competitive cyclist, with numerous national and state championship titles to her credit.
Kristine is deeply grateful for the incredible support throughout her life’s journey, of her beloved husband and family. It has always been her passion, to encourage other women to pursue their personal goals and live life to its fullest, with confidence and unbridled joy. She is also grateful for the many lessons taught to her through the good works and encouragement of her mother and Aunt, who were certain her destiny would break barriers.
The story of the Reluctant Christians has been in her heart for years, and she is thrilled to share it with others. She is planning a sequel to this book and hopes her readers will enjoy the fruition of her work.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 396

Customer Reviews

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Diane Granger
The Reluctant Christians

This story begins with a shy ugly duckling little girl stuck in a small town with her white trash mother. She has no prospects until high school graduation when she discovers that she’s inherited a small fortune. As she’s blossoming into a beauty, she heads off to college to live happily ever after. But that’s not where the story ends! This book has it all; sex, scandal, murder, international plot twists, but it’s also a story of love and understanding. Having spent her childhood in rural Moron Utah, Kristine Johnson brings firsthand knowledge to her character and story development. We can only hope it doesn’t require another pandemic before she writes another.

The Reluctant Christians

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It gave me a better understanding of the challenges faced by women growing up in a misogynistic religious community. Set in a close-knit Mormon town, the narrative unfolds around Kate, a young girl whose mother's divorce makes them both outcasts. It is inspiring to see how Kate overcomes numerous obstacles in her transformation from a timid young girl to a remarkably accomplished young woman. The story is beautifully written, and the author has a deep insight into the intricacies of human nature."

The Reluctant Christians

There is nothing reluctant about this story! The adventure, tragedy, romance and genuine love the characters express made me feel like I wanted to be there. It was also so refreshing to get to know strong, loving, and powerful female characters, where kindness truly was their driving force. I did not want this story to end!

The Reluctant Christians

What a wonderful read. It is a true page turner with characters so beautiful in their flaws and hope for an improved future. Can't wait to read another.

The Reluctant Christian is a must read!

Outstanding storytelling! As a reader I was truly taken on an emotional journey, as the story brought me into the lives of a mother and daughter on their difficult path to forgiveness and love. Through amazing adventures, and the genuine kindness of so many others this captivating story unfolds. It’s a must read!