The Palm Tree

By Larry Patzer
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A toxic religious past overwhelms Ann as she struggles to loosen her bonds and find God. She meets Michael, a mysterious man hiding his past as an ex-bodyguard with notches on his gun handle.

They develop a rocky relationship after meeting by happenstance in The Palm Tree, a unique coffee shop in an Oregon college town. There are nightmares, unsavory individuals, gunfights, paranoia, and tragedy. Within the unexpected twists, turns, and reversals of their lives, the question of whether spiritual redemption is possible hangs thinly in the air.

Can Ann and Michael find love? Can they get past their roadblocks for Ann’s personal resurrection, redemption, and meaningful relationship with God?

About the Author

Larry Patzer retired after twenty years as an officer from the Air Force and then worked for twenty years as an aerospace systems engineer. He likes to say that these careers paid the bills, but his passion has been exploring practical spirituality. Larry has lectured, led study groups, and workshops on some aspect of spiritual development since the late 1970s.

After official retirement, Larry trained and was certified as a Spiritual Director. Later, after additional clinical experience within the Clinical Pastoral Education system, he worked as a volunteer on-call trauma chaplain for five years at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which at the time, had the sixth busiest emergency room in the US.

Larry’s spiritual focus has been on exploring our oneness with the Divine and what models we can develop to experience that oneness in our daily lives.

He lives with his wife, Carol, in Monument, Colorado.

Larry can be contacted at or on his website

Published: 2020
Page Count: 262