The Endless Pursuit

By Paulina Paulson
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A Mystery and Horror Story You Won’t Believe

She never knew who she married. After ten years of being sheltered from the real world, her marriage turns suddenly into a horror story when she learns that her husband is a closet cross dresser. Thinking divorce is the only solution, little does Mary realize where this road will take her.

As she begins to lose everything, her little boy suddenly vanishes without a trace. It soon becomes evident that her ex-husband is involved in having him sent away. In the frantic weeks that follow, she is constantly in search of her missing child. During her journey, she is led into an adventure of perverse behaviors and enormous deception, which she has never dreamed of. 

Will she ever be successful in bringing her son home or will the deceitful life her husband has been living prevail? This story is a struggle of a mother’s search for justice, her son, and her way of life.

About the Author

Paulina Paulson is a previous Fortune 500 Company executive assistant of 20 years and also stay-at-home mom of 14 years. In 1997, Paulson started a bed and breakfast, which was very successful, where she and her husband welcomed guests from around the world year round. After retiring, her hobbies consist of painting, quilting, sewing, reading, writing editorials, and embroidery work. Paulson is a mother to three children and currently resides in Maine where she enjoys family and friends and can always be found writing.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 218

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paulette karchenes
I want to write a review about the endless pursuit

This book is wonderful. I could not put this book down. The suspense is wonderful