The Colors

By Tayler Vaughn
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Shal and Reyson, two recently promoted detectives and newest additions to the Mares Skinner task force, have been partnered together for eight years. They’ve shared triumphs, trials, laughs and tears, and now, they’re on the hunt for the worst serial killer the state of New York has ever seen. A serial killer who has plagued the city of Mares for nearly a decade, evading capture and taking a new victim with each passing year. As more evidence begins to surface and the murders become more violent, it becomes evident the murderer is closer than anyone ever thought possible.

You’ll quickly fall in love with Shal Syrak as she breaks down emotional barriers and societal standards. Follow her journey as a headstrong, fierce detective who is hellbent on solving these murders, but little does she know, the danger is closer than it seems, lurking in the light, and the Mares Skinner leaves no survivors.

About the Author

Tayler Vaughn is an Arkansas native who graduated from University of Arkansas Fort Smith. She enjoys writing and creating new worlds and realities, traveling, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with her family.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 236

Customer Reviews

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Justin Bond
Great read!

Great read about two recently promoted detectives taking on a serial killer no one has been able to stop for years. Fantastic and suspenseful story line from start to finish! If you like a page-turner, you’ve found it.

The author does a great job with character development and makes the reader feel like they are in the story themself!

Keeps you on your toes

I couldn't put this book down, just when you thought you figured it out it took a curve, definitely keeps you wanting to keep reading


I love thriller/suspense books and I can honestly say this is the BEST thriller book that I've read in a while. I highly recommend this book. If your new or looking for a good Thriller book you will not be disappointed. The suspense is what keeps you reading each page. It's hard to put the book down.

Couldn't put it down

Crime and modern day are not normally the genres I read, but I couldn't put this book down! Fast paced and intriguing. I'm already excited to read the next book she writes.

Savanna smith
The colors

Have you ever read a book that you just can't put down? Well the colors is that kinda book. From the dark and twisted mind of a serial killer to a hard working independent mother on the case to find the killer. This book is by far the best mystery thriller I have read! It will keep you on your toes and wondering what's gonna happen next. This is a must read!!!