The Clinic

By C.C. Platt
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Following their beliefs, Dr. Wyatt Johnson and his nurses open an abortion clinic with a unique secret. They claim to perform late-term, illegal “abortions”, when they actually spirit the fetus away to a specialized incubator of the doctor’s creation. These devices provide all the care and nourishment a woman’s womb would, allowing the fetuses to continue developing, later to be delivered into the arms of couples desperate for a child to love. Women not ready to be mothers are helped, childless couples are happy, and the clinic makes a lot of money.

When tragedy strikes the clinic, the crew must make the ultimate decision on whether or not to continue their practice. The Clinic uses a twisted tale of intrigue, mystery, and love to deliver an interesting, unique take on abortion. The author says, “…each and every person out there is going through their own storm like the characters in this book, so try to withhold judgment and see things through the perspective of others before you judge them.”

About the Author

C.C. Platt is a twenty-five-year-old dairy farmer, who grew up on her grandparent’s farm, and in 2016 her parents took over. Someday Platt hopes to also get the chance to take it over. Platt has always loved caring for animals and watching them grow. She saved all of her money when she was thirteen years old and bought her first horse. Patch was everything to her, but she recently lost him. She will always be thankful for the twelve years she got to spend with him. Platt loves riding horses and being outside. She also loves taking her dog, Tucker, for walks. Platt spends most of her time with the cows, but when she’s free, she likes to go snowmobiling in the winter. She likes all sorts of music and to read. Platt is very close to her parents and siblings and works closely with her parents and brother on the farm. She and her sister do practically everything together, whether it’s seeing a movie, trips to the local bar, or trying new restaurants. Platt is a person who tends to keep to herself and just goes about taking care of the farm and cattle.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 170