The Chronicles Of The Twin Angels: The Awakening

By Mark McDaniel
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The Chronicles of the Twin Angels: The Awakening

Seth’s life was never all that normal, what with his grandpa’s relentless physical training and persistent talk about what it means to be a hero. But his grandpa was in the war. Don’t all war veterans talk like that? But after Seth’s grandpa dies, Seth’s life reaches whole new levels of crazy. Turns out, when his grandpa spoke about heroes, he wasn’t speaking metaphorically. When Seth receives his inheritance from his grandpa’s will, he and his friend Kevin were expecting gold or jewelry. Little did they know they were accepting responsibility to live up to an even greater, divine inheritance they didn’t know they had. Now, along with his closest friend, Seth would have to battle enemies he didn’t know he had, find his grandpa’s killer, and be the hero his grandpa trained him to be.

About the Author

Mark McDaniel is a savvy cable man, a loving father of two beautiful children, and an avid enthusiast of writing and the rich escape a good story can provide. Ever since he was very young, Mark has wanted to spin tales that lead his readers on new and exciting journeys. Escape reality for a little while and join Mark on the journey of two young boys in The Chronicles of the Twin Angels.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 222