The Black Sparrow

By R. K. J. Sprock
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The Black Sparrow is a great adventure of hardships and tales of a young man coming into manhood in a land so much like our own but different in many ways. Read all about the mythical creatures of many origins and a power in the land that provides for all.

About the Author

R. K. J. Sprock grew up in the bottomlands of Missouri, four miles from the river with a train track directly in front of her house. Being homeschooled gave her more free time to explore, read, raise animals, and be active in the local 4-H club.

Sprock started writing stories when she was nine years old and poetry shortly after. She found inspiration all around her—in nature, in music, from personal experience, and stories she heard from people around her. She reads a lot and almost any genre, but historical fiction is her favorite.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 520