The Adventures Of Goliath, Misty, And Captain

By John Wesley
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On Christmas Eve, John and his family, Goliath the pit bull, Misty the terrier/min-pin mix, and Captain the Sun Conure, take a magical journey to a wonderful place where beauty is unsurpassed. Along a flawless, flowered path, they meet many marvelous friends—one for every letter of the alphabet!—each leading them closer to a very special surprise.

What waits at the end?

About the Author

John Wesley volunteers at the local elementary school, reading Bible stories and Indian legends and bringing his real-life pets, Goliath, Misty, and Captain, to the children. (Around there, he’s affectionately known as the “Birdman.”) Semi-retired, Wesley also works part-time in the food service industry.

A widower, his beloved wife Mary Ann passed away in 2009; they were married for 22 years. In spite of any trials he’s faced throughout his lifetime, Wesley believes he has been truly blessed by the Lord.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 70