Tangled Hearts

By Ruth Altamura-Roll
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Not wanting to be the spinster aunt, Ana decided to take her destiny into her own hands. Being the governess to the two grandsons of Lady Catherine Luttrell, as well as her companion, Ana was willing to take the risk at Dunster Castle even with the knowledge that Lord Alexander Luttrell, Duke of Exmoor, had a reputation as a scoundrel and libertine. Anything was better than marrying Charles. Charles ‘ love for Ana had no bounds and now that he was the baron, he could not stop pursuing her. He was determined to capture her heart and bring her home from Dunster to where she belonged, by his side. Alexander Luttrell had had enough of women. He returned wounded from the wars in India only to discover that his wife had abandoned him and his two young sons. His reputation was ruined and his son's lives were crushed. He was furious at Lady Catherine's constant meddling into his household affairs by bringing in a governess. He was determined that his sons would never have to experience such heartbreak again at the hand of a woman. And a governess was too close for comfort. Struggling with his own demons from the war and his reputation already in tatters, his relationship with Riya, his young charge from India, only added to his mystery.

About the Author

Ruth Altamura-Roll is a new author and Tangled Hearts is her first novel. Always having dreamed of writing historical romance, she is excited to be able to bring her first work to the public with more books to follow. For over 35years, Ms. Altarmura-Roll has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey and has been in private practice for over 20 years. She brings her psychological experience and background to her work. In addition, she has a degree in History/Religion from Moravian College. She and her husband Steven, also a counselor, have been Civil War re-enactors for over 15 years. If you don't find her in her office, at her laptop, or at her piano, you will most likely find her in her garden dreaming up her next novel or self-help book.


5.0 out of 5 stars Page turner and great historical fiction: "I ended up really loving this book! The anticipation of meeting the duke kept me up till two one night. And I am a history buff so this was right up my alley. Civil war era is the most interesting to me and the accurate portrayals of all characters put me right there. I would definitely recommend this one." - K. Sullivan

I just finished this book! My neighbor wrote it!: "I read it within 24 hours! I could NOT put it down! Tragedy, murder, lust, love as well as mysterious! This was so good! So sad it is finished! I’d give it 6 stars!" - Heidi Dee

"This author needs to reprioritize her life immediately! I can not wait another day for another book. It is absolutely brilliant! Better than Fifty Shades of Grey! Superb! Very well done!" - Judith B.

"I took Tangled Hearts on my vacation. It was absolutely the perfect book. I loved every minute of it. I highly recommend this to anyone." - Kathy M.

"I spent my lunch hours reading Tangled Hearts and was always late retuning to my desk. I just could not put it down. The characters are so real. The author made everything so clear. It was exciting…a real page turner. Highly recommended. My kind of book." - Donna K.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 350

Customer Reviews

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Tangled hearts - a great read!!!

Tangled hearts was a joy to get lost/immersed in !!! The descriptive detail of characters, history and romance allowed me to disappear from reality into a new world of strength, perseverance and hope of a woman who never gave up on love, kindness or purpose!!

A must read for a romantic, page turning historical fiction novel that leaves you w/ all the answers and a whole new set of questions and curiosities. Hoping there will b a sequel !!!!!

Steven R.
A real page-turner!

Enjoyed the book immensely! The characters are complex and the plot intriguing. I found that I was literally watching the story in my mind as I was reading it! It was like it was already a movie, which I hope it will be someday. If you're looking for a good vacation read, this is the book for you!