Sydney & Sakura: Inferno Rift

By H.R. Chambers
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“You have GOT to be kidding me!”
she thought in disbelief.
“Am I holding a sword?”

Sixteen-year-old Sydney is a relatively behaved teen. She keeps to herself, takes ballet classes, and excels in school. Life is busy, but it’s good. It’s just her and her mom against the world, with everything as it should be.
Until one fateful afternoon….

In the blink of an eye, Sydney is plunged into an interdimensional conflict and discovers a long-kept secret of her heritage. She endures harsh training and must defeat her own inner struggles in order to save the world she’s grown up in and the world her parents once called home.

About the Author

H.R. Chambers grew up in California where she loved reading books by Judy Blume and writing short stories. She graduated from college with a degree in Child Development in 2005 and worked for almost twenty years in the field, including owning and operating a daycare for nine years.

She currently lives in Arizona and is in the process of making writing her full-time career. She is married (going on 18 years) and is mother to two children and the best dog in the world. When not writing, H.R. enjoys reading, playing Animal Crossings: New Horizons and celebrating Halloween all year long.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 204

Customer Reviews

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Lee Dupont

I read this book many months ago, last year, and just discovered the opportunity to review it again on this site!! Sydney & Sakura: Inferno Rift is an exciting and often emotional tale recommended for young adults, but enjoyable for those of all ages. It has swords, magic, antagonists gritty and grandiose, gateways to another dimension, unshakable love, and food descriptions to enhance the snack breaks you'll surely be taking, because... yummy!!!! At 206 pages, the read is full, though not exceptionally long. I've also heard more is meant to come, so if you enjoy any of what I've described, then definitely don't be shy about buying this book! ✨? Sincerely, have a happy read, and take care.


Gus Gresham
Sydney & Sakura: Inferno Rift

Lively, energetic – fizzes with life and colour. The dialogue is snappy, there’s lots of great humour, and the action is fast-paced. The main character Sydney is funny, wise and engaging, and a kick-ass heroine! I loved the multi-dimensional sword and sorcery intrigue. And if villains are more your thing, this novel has one of my favourites of all time – meet Demetri: he’s so bad that being a serial killer is just an incidental detail alongside his day-job of being a super villain. In one scene, in which a hit was supposed to look like a suicide, he reports back “It’s messy, bring bleach”. Altogether, a real page-turner.


Hollywood, are you listening? Your next blockbuster is here!

Such a fun-filled, action-packed ride filled with joy and no shortage of ‘feels.’ I was surprised at how quickly I emotionally invested in Sydney, a teenage girl who is thrust into a battle she has no idea about.

H.R. Chambers wastes no time in pulling you into her story; she hits the ground running and never lets up. You can’t help but be swept along. Her confusion becomes your confusion. Her desire to see her loved ones safe becomes your desire. A nonstop roller-coaster ride that leaves the reader engaged and entertained. I cried several times during the reading of this book. Please hurry with the sequel Mrs. Chambers!
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. It was an honor to read it, and I look forward to all future works by this promising author!

Sydney & Sakura

I'll admit, I haven't read much fiction in a long while and Sydney/Sakura's adventure was exactly the right segue for me to get back into long form storytelling.
The characters were well drawn, and the author hit the right notes in describing the action, the relationships and (as a foodie) the many meals scattered through the tale like candy.
Grab this one for the young adult in your life, they'll enjoy it as much as I did. Looking forward to part 2.

Marilyn E. Glover
Sydney & Sakura

As a fellow writer, I greatly appreciate Chambers' ability to give life to characters. Her descriptions of typical appeal down to quirky individual traits made me feel like I was occupying a shared room space.
Chambers has a talent for storytelling that kept my eyes fixated on her book, disregarding other tasks and trading in mundane daily chores to escape into her creative world. This is a crucial writing quality as the human attention span wanes more and more.

I was excited and honored to read Chambers's debut book and look forward to reading future works. H.R. Chambers is talented and gifted with an intriguing imagination!