Sesg Explorer

By Christopher Loric
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 SESG Explorer

“…fascinating science fiction novel…a captivating read with engaging characters and thrilling action scenes.” - BlueInk Review

“plays out like a military-minded Star Trek movie…The action sequences are well-written and show Loric at his best and most entertaining…Once the action starts, sci-fi lovers may easily get lost in the fun much like summers past when watching hits like Independence Day.” – The US Review of Books

The United States has sent a fleet of ships on a diplomatic mission, traveling to a planet they received a message from. They meet the people of Kammorriga and discover that they are seeking new worlds to conquer. They discover just how dangerous the galaxy truly is.

About the Author

Christopher Loric is a retired U.S. Navy CDR, having given 28 years of service. He was deployed with the U.S. Navy and served twice with the U.S. Marine Corps including a year in Iraq; he had multiple assignments at commandant command level planning and overseeing multiple operations. He has always been interested in the history of the world-leaders, governments, and militaries. He looks forward to the day that man settles on Mars and expands to the rest of the solar system.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 252