By Diana Moreci
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Sara is a very unique person, or at least that is what all of the town’s people think. She has a very resourceful way of living, such as her farm, taking care of the farm animals, and living off the land. Although Sara may seem like a loner, she holds a very deep dark secret. After experiencing a very tragic event that she just can’t seem to bring herself to remember details of, Sara has come up with a creative way of making sure no other women go through the tragedy she did.

About the Author

Diana Moreci has been both a graphic artist and art director for many years. She also dabbled in catering and being a Girl Scout leader. During her free time, she likes to horseback ride in the mountains, gardening, camping, and other activities involving creativity. Moreci currently works with special needs in an adult group home.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 150