Rhonda And The Hollywood Ghosts

By Michael J. Paton
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Rhonda discovers she can see ghosts – all of them. With her father and famous paranormal researchers she learns how to free the Stanton-Caruthers ghosts (the famous 1920s era Hollywood actors), from their prison in their own home. In gratitude, they help raise Rhonda through her years, learning about and fighting off poltergeists, and discovering her innate “powers.” All of which complicate a young child just reaching puberty. She helps to change the philosophy of society by re-introducing ghosts into today’s society.

Watch Rhonda grow to adulthood, marriage, and beyond eventually traveling the world with the help of famous ghosts, and politicians, even to the Papal office. Rhonda is a fun-loving typical child who has a very special future. It will be an exciting life. Come join her in her adventures of life with much more Rhonda to come.

About the Author

Michael J. Paton, author and dreamer, lives in multiple worlds of fantasy. He talks to ghosts, sorcerers, fairies, heroes and villains, and inter-dimensional races as he writes their stories. He takes readers through adventures that encompass colonial America through to the world of Zynar. His first published book was Shannon Shaman Woman. He has been writing since he was sixteen years old.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32