One Mad Apple

By Tom Pratt
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About the Book

Honorable Mention in the 2022 San Francisco Book Festival Awards

In One Mad Apple, a successful art dealer reinvents himself and moves to a small town to help care for his dying mother. He finds himself up against an unlikely foe that is out to destroy him and everything he holds dear, one who threatens the peaceful town and its innocent children.

This story of a small town in turmoil and fear because of a combatant and mentally unstable elected official, who just happens to serve on the local school board. One Mad Apple evokes the fear of many of us: mentally unstable individuals threatening our communities and especially our children.

About the Author

Tom Pratt has been elected three times to his local school board in two different communities in California and actively participates and volunteers in community activities. He loves all things that have to do with baseball, gardening, writing, reading, and watching movies that have intrigue as the central theme.

Tom has a keen interest in national politics, is active in local politics, and has run for statewide office. His professional experience as an art insurance broker has helped him hone critical skills of investigation and communication—and his career has provided many intriguing stories!

Tom lives with his wife and their two sons in the foothills of Northern California.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 98

Customer Reviews

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Cindy Boldt
Leisure reader

This book was short, but packed with a lot of content The characters were interesting and one was very scary. Overall, a great read.