Murder By Conceit: The Blake/Garnier Murder Mystery Series, Book 1

By Steve Graybill
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Following the grisly murder of three former colleagues, Jacob Blake and his partner, Natasha Romanova Garnier (a French-Canadian with an aristocratic Russian heritage), are coerced out of retirement to identify the perpetrator and prevent any more deaths... only to discover they are next on the hit list. Against their will, they are drawn back onto the global stage of high- stakes private equity funds and its seductive and corruptive atmosphere of multibillionaires, power brokers, heads-of-state, and a steady stream of millions in cash available for the taking.

Set in New York City, Moscow, and Prague, Murder by Conceit follows Natasha and Jacob as they race against the clock to stay alive while battling international intrigue and conspiracies, duplicity, and some old and deadly enemies with scores to settle. It soon becomes apparent that the only way Jacob can stay alive is to identify his mysterious enemy and convince them to cancel the hit contracts, a cancelation that would cost the killer millions of dollars and a lifetime in prison. At the same time, Natasha must reconcile her past relationships with the Russian Mafia and the GRU in an effort to save Jacob’s life.

About the Author

Steve Graybill spent more than thirty years as an executive in the high- stakes world of international consulting and private equity, working and living in over twenty countries. He now lives in Arizona with his wife and their Goldendoodle. He served with the US Army in Vietnam. “Murder by Conceit” is his first novel.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 258