Legends Of Spook Hollow

By Mary L. Shofkom
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Spook Hollow runs its unexplainable horror through an eight-mile, sharply cut valley. The lay of the land leaves an unwelcome sense of a moral freight to any who dare challenge its existence. Charlie, also known as Gramps, lives right near Spook Hollow and witnesses first-hand the horrors the hollow has to offer.

Full of trepidation and intrigue, Legends of Spook Hollow contains family legends founded around a campfire, of people never to be the same after experiencing the monstrosities of Spook Hollow.

About the Author

Mary L. Shofkom lives a very full life with her family, and working outside the home as a school monitor. Her classroom is a calming sanctuary where students come for a break. Shofkom has coached varsity cheerleading for 20 years. She has also bartended at the same establishment for over 20 years.

Shofkom enjoys crafting with her friends, camping with her husband, and riding motorcycles. Shofkom and her husband both have their own Harleys, and they love to travel together.

Shofkoms children and grandchildren are a huge part of her life. Shofkom loves to write when she gets a chance.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 78