Laughter - An African Paradox

By Enoch Christopher Osei Tutu
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Laughter An African Paradox utilizes a theatrical dialogue in order to discuss, in an amusing way, serious issues that are affecting both public and private domains throughout our world today. The banter between Merry and Brainy, two ordinary African village folk, humorously highlights controversial leadership in Africa as well as other plights affecting the continent. Yet their verbal sparring spreads beyond the continent, touching upon humanitarian approaches for coping with the environment, racism, management, abortion, and the world in general. Overall, this book is able to make its readers laugh while in the midst of contemplating the position of humankindwhich is in itself a truly noteworthy accomplishment!

About the Author

Enoch Christopher Osei Tutu was born in Ghana and currently resides there with his wife, Evelyn Osei Tutu. They have three children: Nana Kannin, Nana Konadu, and Yaa Serwaa. Enoch received his bachelor of arts in business administration from Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, as well as his executive masters, business administration from Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration in Accra, Ghana. His hope in writing Laughter An African Paradox is to inspire younger generations to demand good, responsible, and elected leadership, and to also utilize laughter in times of difficulty.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 122