Korell Anderson And The Case Of Mr. Book

By The Dillard Brothers
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Korell Anderson and the Case of Mr. Book presents the tale of a young homicide detective with a very unique ability to solve murders in unconventional ways, specifically as he hunts down a supernatural serial killer. How will our hero fare against such a powerful foe?

No matter how big or bad, whatever monster is in our lives, which can take the form of anything, we should remember that we can be strong enough to defeat it. For every great hero, there has to be a greater villain.

About the Author

The Dillard Brothers were raised in Toms River, NJ. Their parents, Marshall and Mary Dillard, gave them the best life anyone could ask for, especially being adopted by them. This book was written as a result of their huge love for movies.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 100