Jesus: The Novel

By A. A. Coleman
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“Enhanced for the reader with a series of quotes from Francis Chan to John F. Kennedy, "Jesus: The Novel" utilized the format of novelization to provide the reader with an inspiring, informative, and dramatic perspective on the life and mission of Jesus Christ as based upon the New Testament gospel accounts… highly recommended for community library Historical Fiction and Religious Fiction collections…” – The Midwest Book Review

Based on the four biographies of Jesus as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Jesus: The Novel weaves all His moments into chronological order with the sounds, sights, and voices of those around Him. As we follow his life, consider his perspective, or imagine his thoughts as an infant, a boy, a son, and a brother. We feel his loneliness in the wilderness, among the masses, despite his disciples, and being away from the only one who truly understood him: his cousin, John the Baptizer. We realize his pain upon losing Joseph, losing his family’s respect when they decided he was out of his mind. Walking with Him, we, too, learn we can ultimately trust no human. In this journey with God Incarnate, we relate with his humanity and are stunned by his deity. Eventually, we learn that for every emotional place in which we find ourselves, Jesus has fought through and blazed the trail before us. Ultimately, we discover that all we long for in our world—and cannot quite grasp—He embodies and offers eternally.

About the Author

As a child, A. A. Coleman’s parents bemoaned her “many words” as the oldest of four country kids. With so many words and most ears too busy to listen, writing became her companion. The subjects grew weightier after many years as a professional speaker, a lifetime as a minister’s wife, raising a family of her own, and sharing life with her grandchildren. Living in the Scriptures, she longed for the Story of Stories to be easily read and passionately understood by those whom she loves. JESUS: The Novel was the result. She still has words: speaks, writes a blog, articles, family histories, and other books of less weight. When she’s spent, she gardens or takes walks and listens to others’ words.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 418