Jeremiah Saddler And The Sword Of Jardine

By D.T. Shetler
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Jeremiah always felt that his life was meant for something more. Not exactly better but more meaningful. Like he was meant to accomplish something. He didn’t know how right he was until one evening by chance, or so he thought, he ran into Alexandria, Lexi as she likes to be called.

What Jeremiah didn’t know was that his parents had been protecting him from a war that has been waging since before he was born. A war between the humans of this world and the supernatural. A war that humanity is losing.

A prophecy was written that in a time of great need a Protector will be chosen to battle back the evil. To bring balance between good and evil. Jeremiah is that Protector. Armed with the sword of Jardine—a sword made by magic specifically bred to kill anything supernatural—and three Guardians who train and teach him everything he needs to know to be a Protector, he must do battle with a vampire clan hell-bent on destroying humanity and ruling the world in chaos. However, not everything is as it seems and Jeremiah gets the impression that the Guardians are hiding something from him and he isn’t sure he can trust them. Jeremiah Saddler and the Sword of Jardine follows Jeremiah as his true worth, strength, and fears are revealed when he faces his destiny and learns who his friends are and who he can trust.

About the Author

D.T. Shetler lives in western Pennsylvania. He has always had a passion for books. When not writing he can be found with a book in his hands and rooting for his favorite sports teams. He has a large close-knit family most of which live in western Pennsylvania near him. He is currently hard at work on book two: Jeremiah and the Guardians.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 322