Hot, Sunny, Bloody Sunday

By James M. Powell
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September 22, 1991, promised to be another hot Sunday for Montana State Prison swampers Robert Powell and Chuck McFarlane, two prisoners serving time in the protective custody (PC) section of the prison. The morning heat, however, did not prepare them enough for the harrowing events about to unfold in the next hours of their turbulent lives.

In the time that the swampers and the officers were going about their routines, the other prisoners in the maximum security section were finalizing their planshatched sometime beforeto stage a riot that would set all hell to break loose inside the confined structure.

Smelling of the blood of the PC inmates, the maximum security prisoners exploded with a round of murder and pillage. The days dark deeds would not only compromise the lives of fellow inmates and prison officers, these would also set the tone of how all the lives of those involved will go on from that point.

About the Author

James M. Powell once worked for the Montana State Prison. He is also a self-professed history buff and enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting in the Rocky Mountains. Now retired, he actively participates in church activities and the organization he is affiliated with.

Published: 2013
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