Home To Me: When The Truth Comes Out, No One Is Safe From The Monster That Lurks

By Taylor McLeod
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A young woman named Belle has been in love with her best friend, Ryder, since she was a child. Never in her wildest dreams believing that the ever so sexy Ryder could feel the same way, Belle squanders her love for him and moves on. Unfortunately, she moves on to Tyler, who seems charming at first, and then nearly brutally kills Belle in a fit of rage.

Fast forward about a year, Tyler is in prison and Belle is safe–or so she thinks. Belle finds herself facing anonymous threats and accidents and takes comfort in Ryder while desperately trying not to reveal her love for him. When Tyler is released from prison, Belle finds herself fighting not just for herself, but for all she loves.

About the Author

Taylor McLeod is a mom of two and a wife. She loves hunting, fishing, reading, and writing. McLeod can’t remember a time where she wasn’t reading or writing short stories.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 240