By Daniel R. Hoehne
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Fate brought them together. Robert, the city guy brought into this small town on the latest leg of his career. Marie, the lonely girl from the small town.

Their connection was made and developed over his years there. But Marie was still in her loveless marriage and they couldn’t cross that line.

Distance brought them together. Robert moved away, and with the restrictions off, communication between the two exploded and their love bloomed. Various pressures, however, sent him into a massive depression.

She couldn’t reach him.

He couldn’t explain.

Until one day, she stopped trying, though he still wasn’t aware. Once he did wake up and realize, two months later, it was the shock of his life and he knew he had to go back.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 124

Customer Reviews

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Josue Perez

This story was a great read. It gives insight on relationships, how they can be handled and the complications we can find ourselves on. It’s a great commentary on dating, and is interesting throughout. The book is well paced, and has many relatable themes. ‘Hi’ is definitely worth the time.

Lisa Kramer

I really enjoyed reading “Hi”. It was intense and emotional, but it had its funny moments, also. I believe it’s a story that everybody can identify with. It was a quick and satisfying read with a nice twist at the end.

Marion Goodman
Enjoyable Read

Inspiring book “Hi.” by Daniel Hoehne. He really captures the feelings you go through when dating, falling in love & all the emotions you go through, love, laughter, break ups, pitfalls & more; which many people will relate to. It’s a story that has you gripped & not wanting to put the book down. The ending was very fitting & made me smile. I really hope there is a sequel to this story....... I want to read more!