From Red To Black: The Journey Of A Family

By Frank Smith Toney
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From Red to Black: The Journey of a Family shares the struggles of generations facing prejudices and discrimination against Native and African Americans. In 1868, Millie Hudson was born as the second daughter of the former chief of the Choctaw Indians. Her pride and strength became a family legacy that has continued for well over a century. In From Red to Black: The Journey of a Family, Frank Smith Toney traces the growth of her family and the paths of her descendants through the years. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Frank Smith Toney lives in Arkansas and is the father of five children. A graduate of Academy Senior High School in Davie, Florida, he later studied at Malcolm X University in Chicago, Illinois. The author spends a great deal of his time reading and writing, and he also enjoys music. Mr. Toney cites his children as the inspiration for his work in From Red to Black: The Journey of a Family and hopes that this effort helps them to understand and appreciate their roots.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 32