Errant: A Legend Of The Gallant Knight

By Emily Dabb
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A broken relationship, exile, a quest, a mysterious enemy, this medieval adventure fantasy follows the Knight as he battles suspicion, enemy armies, and his own heart on his quest for purpose and peace. Driven from his home by his brother’s distrust, the Knight rides to aid the determined Rose break the power of a pitiless warlord and bind up a wounded land. Under the shadow of an old evil raising in the south, the Knight leads his troop of loyal comrades through battle, loss, victory, and uncertainty.

Will he ever see his home again?

Can his relationship with his brother be renewed?

In the vein of Tolkien meets King Arthur, friendship, faith, trust, and loyalty stand like pillars, setting a firm foundation for this adventure geared toward YA and Adult audiences.

About the Author

Emily Dabb lives in Iowa with her husband and daughters. She stays home with the girls and they enjoy playing outside, reading great books, wrestling in the living room, and jumping on the trampoline. Besides writing, Dabb enjoys drawing and painting, horses, and weightlifting. She is very interested in the art of story writing and considers reading other writers one of the best ways to grow.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 298