Embrace: The Child Within

By Rose La Rose
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Embrace the Child Within tells the story of four-year-old Graci, a lively, precocious child who witnesses a crime that causes her to “leave herself” and dissociate. The book opens with events that throw her into a lengthy tailspin of dissociation and keep her in a constant state of survival mode, not knowing who she is for over three decades. The secret of the crime is the driving force in the story that explores how this trauma silenced her and took her identity away.

Then, disowned and abandoned by her family at age nineteen, Graci embarks on a long, arduous journey, unaware of her dissociation. Fueled with tenacity, resilience, and the ever-burgeoning self, she takes on the battle to discover herself all alone in the world. As a result of her trauma, Graci faces many struggles that she must overcome even when she goes through life not knowing who she really is.

Eventually the truth in its entirety unfolds for Graci, except for one missing piece that proves key for helping to resolve her dissociation. No matter how old a crime is, it's never too late to tell the truth.

About the Author

Rose La Rose is a retired social worker. She loves nothing more than to be with her family and close friends where she lives. She meets up in a writer's group and travels as much as she can. Rose loves playing her piano and learning different languages, and antique/vintage collecting has been one of her favorite past times. A social worker at heart, including in retirement, Rose still helps people and will advocate for any identified injustices. That didn't stop when she stopped working. That part of her still lives on.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 158