Collateral Security

By J. Atwood Taylor, III
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When a rash of mystifying and ghastly deaths, in widely dispersed American cities, captures the attention of the United States government, administration officials recognize that the loss of life may reflect a deeper threat to the whole of the country. The CIA defers to the military to conduct an investigation. The U.S. Army assigns the task to Captain Trey Fitzjames. Fitzjames must study the causes of the deaths and, given the scope of the crisis, eliminate that cause at the source.

About the Author

J. Atwood Taylor, III earned degrees at Furman University and at the University of Florida. He practiced law for thirty-five years in Florida, first in Miami and later in Vero Beach. He and his wife currently live in Tennessee. He is the father of three daughters and has the good fortune of being in a position to devote much of his free time to his three grandchildren. Collateral Security is his third novel.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 292