Cliff House

By Nora Weirich
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At the age of nineteen, Madison Danaher thought she married the love of her life. Her marriage to Adam Gilmore proved to be torturous. She narrowly escaped with her life. Thirteen years later, Madison is the Chief Operating Officer of Tender Care Hospice. She has been given the chance to expand their services to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Through the help of Agatha Stuart, she finds a house on the Isle of Skye that she and her cat Julie can have for the next six months. Almost as soon as she arrives at the rental Madison learns that not only is the house just beautiful, but that her new landlord is none other than the newest sought after Scottish actor, Ian Mackay!

Ian Mackay, who built the house on the cliff years before, agreed to the rental. He figured that the middle aged and probably dowdy businesswoman could do no harm to the place. But after meeting his new tenant he couldn't have been more surprised. Not only was she a stunner, but she proved to be a fascinating puzzle for him to work out. Being immediately captivated, he found reasons to see her.

A long-forgotten danger has arisen and threatens to take all they have come to hold dear. Will they be able to protect each other, or will they lose everything?

About the Author

Nora lives in South Jersey with her husband and fur babies, one dog and three cats. Always wanting to support local businesses, Nora and her husband are members of the Craft Beers Buds of South Jersey. They enjoy visiting local breweries and wineries etc. Nora worked for hospice for several years. In 2007, she began working for her local school district as an aide in the special education department. In working with her students Nora feels she has finally found her home in helping her students, overcome the adversities she herself faced in school.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32