A Season Of Joy And Pain

By Angela Deaon Woodbridge
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Making a go of a marriage in todays society is rapidly becoming one of the largest challenges to face men and women today. There are so many other things battling for our attention that it is easy to take that person to whom we have pledged to spend the rest of our lives for granted, causing untold grief and pain for everyone concerned. Such is the case with Vince and Paulette. Vince didnt want to be tempted, but he was, and now Paulette must deal with the fallout his, hers, and that of their families. Even more disconcerting is that Paulettes two dearest friends have also experienced the same sort of heartbreaking disruption in their lives. As author Angela Deaon Woodbridge shares their stories with us in A Season of Joy and Pain, we are drawn into an empathetic relationship with them as they try to sort out their feelings and long-held beliefs regarding the sacred state of matrimony.

About the Author

Angela Deaon Woodbridge lives in California and shares her life with her husband, Rene. She enjoys reading, mountain biking, and walking in her spare time.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 48