A Fireman In The Making: Manhattan 1904

By Rob Palmer
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“I felt like I was there with Mickey Farley, going to hot smoky fires and riding on a horse drawn fire apparatus. There, in the era of iron men and wooden ladders. There, with officers and firemen in their firehouses, at their fires, in their lives.

I loved this book and highly recommend it.”

‒Paul Hashagen, firefighter F.D.N.Y. Rescue 1 (retired), author, historian

An excerpt from A Fireman in the Making:

“You are proud of your family’s firefighting history, and rightly so,” I said, impressed.

“And what about you, Mickey?” Casey asked.

“Well, I came to New York from Mamaroneck less than a year ago seeking an education and a job. A number of events have led me to discover the excitement of firefighting.”

“Just how long have you wanted to be a fireman?” Casey asked, startled.

“Well, uh, four months, I guess.”

Casey’s mouth was agape. “Who ever heard of such a thing? How can you just decide to become a fireman?”

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 186

Customer Reviews

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A Fireman in the Making

Great read!

Jack Finney
A Fireman In The Making: Manhattan 1904

I really enjoyed the book A Fireman In The Making: Manhattan 1904. It made me feel like I'd gone back in time to 120 years ago! I hope that Mickey and his friends will have further adventures. I'd like to read more of them!

Edward Marron

Excellent book. Enjoyed reading it. Hoping for more.

Jennifer Rose
Extraordinary Details

The sights, sounds and surroundings give life to a great story. It grabs you and holds your attention right to the end.
This will be a book I gift to more than one person. It has wide appeal and can be appreciated by many.

Jeffrey Frommeyer
Deep Research

It is obvious the author conducted deep research into the neighborhood of that time period. The combination of accurate historical references, readability, and a compelling story make this a must read for anyone interested in the fire service. It's an exciting story even for those outside the fire service. Highly recommend!