The Edge Of Oblivion: The Looming Threat Of Socialism In The United States

By Charles K. Kelly
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In The Edge of Oblivion, author Charles K. Kelly demonstrates the growing threat of socialism in modern America. He provides in-depth details of American history, political trends, case law, various events, and social concerns of our present day to provide explanations as to how we have gotten to this point as a democratic nation. While providing real examples of the threat of socialism throughout the world, Kelly foresees what America’s future may become by succumbing to socialist ideologies in hopes that we can stop this threat before it is too late.

About the Author

Charles K. Kelly, after retiring from the navy, worked as a technical writer before pursuing a career in law enforcement. He has been married to his wife for thirty-two years, and together they have three children. Kelly has a special interest in public safety and military history. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and music.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 130