Plank Conversations: A Handbook Of Hope You Exercise Your Right To Vote

By Mark Clemons
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Plank Conversations guides the discussion of what most of the younger generations, millennials and Gen Z, see as major issues in the way the United States is run today. They are over encumbered with student loan debt, the disasters of climate change, low minimum wage, outrageous medical expenses, and the struggles for acceptance for all, including minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Mark Clemons provides insightful solutions to these issues, such as free education, national healthcare, a living minimum wage and using math and science for combating climate change and dealing with infrastructure. With his delightful sense of humor and strong arguments, Clemons makes one thing very clear: In order for change to be made, we must all get out and VOTE!

About the Author

Mark Clemons is an avid voter himself and has voted twice a year for over forty years. He is married and has two college-educated children. Having worked in the healthcare industry for nearly thirty years, he is very familiar with the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. Clemons supports applied math and science for attaining solutions.

Firmly believing in voting with his wallet, he does his part by purchasing organic foods and avoiding Amazon and Chinese made goods. He also donates to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and comprehensive aid groups. He enjoys reading the paper and books, especially science fiction, as well as hiking, camping, biking, traveling, gardening, playing bridge and other card games, and dominoes.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 260