Overexploited: An Editorial On The Overexploitation Of The American Citizen

By Joe Smith
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Overexploited: An Editorial on the Overexploitation of the American Citizen, by Joe Smith, is an editorial observation of how the common United States citizen has been exploited to the benefit of elite classes over our history and in our present day. The book shows how, in today’s society, a new series of exploitative practices have put the American person in a situation where life is a struggle. The American Dream is becoming more and more unattainable to working class citizens, and the American promise of a better life through hard, honorable work isn’t promised anymore. The author uses past and present examples to show how the economic system is set-up to benefit powerful elites. The only cure for this overexploitation is a collaborative effort to change the system in such a way that a more balanced format is practiced. This book explains that not only can this be done, it has to be done.

About the Author

Joe Smith is a retired teacher living in Wisconsin. He volunteers much of his time helping young people.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 102