Keep Smiling: Angels Are With You All The Time, And Will Never Leave You Alone

By Keaii Renee Kibble
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The stars in the sky shine, and Kibble’s own star is her angel.

When author Keaii Renee Kibble’s grandmother passed away, Kibble was reminded of the words her grammie used to say: keep smiling. It was her grandmother’s words that formed the title of Kibble’s book, Keep Smiling, a testament to her faith and trust in God to keep her safe and blessed. Keep smiling, because even though you may go through trials and tribulations, God has your back and sends you an angel to keep watch.

Trust and believe in God, and you will see the rainbow he has especially for you.

About the Author

Keaii Renee Kibble has 3 girls and 3 boys. Her kids support her and push her to keep on going, and without them she would be nothing. She is at peace when she writes, and she believes it’s her blessing to write her story. By the Grace of God, she’s here today.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 42