Jim Taylor's Memoirs Of The 28th Battalion: An American Korean Campaign

By Timothy E Taylor
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As a Black man in twentieth-century America, Jim Taylor faced racial divides his entire life, but he loved his life nevertheless. Serving in the US Army during the Korean Campaign, Jim was assigned to a segregated regiment of Black men with White officers in command. Just like any other soldier, Jim witnessed the deaths of young men who will not be forgotten. In that campaign, he also witnessed the propaganda which hurt the people trying to love their home, the USA. A proud American, Jim shared many stories of perseverance and patriotism with his family, and those experiences are recounted here.

About the Author

Timothy E Taylor is the son of Jim Taylor and had the privilege of hearing the great stories and history his father loved to tell. Grandson of Reverend LeDee Moore and great-grandson of Reverend Mitchell, Timothy was raised to love GOD. Timothy served as a Deacon at The Greater Calvery Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Daly City, California and was awarded Honorary Doctor of Divinity 2019 from the Universal Life Church Ministries.

Timothy is a retired carpenter with forty-two years of service (thirty-three with the City and County of San Francisco). Timothy has been married to Annette Taylor for forty-three years, and they have three sons: Tim Jr., Jason, and Matthew.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 104