A Person's Thoughts

By A Person
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In their series of essays ranging from politics, culture, history, economics and more, A Person’s Thoughts is an insightful look into the mind of a fifteen-year-old high school student. In their collection, they share their thoughts on a range of controversial topics, providing the facts and offering their opinion in order to spark discussion on issues plaguing the world today, and how to solve them.

Exceptionally written and researched, A Person’s essays show the value in listening to the next generation of leaders and their ideas and plans for the future of our country and the world.

About the Author

A Person is a fifteen-year-old high school student who loves history, politics, and economics and writing essays on such topics. In their spare time, they enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 120

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Great thoughts, grateful to read that this young person has a mind that thinks the way this one does, gives hope for the younger generation that this young person is actually focusing on world views and not buried into video games.