Parenthood 101: The Blueprint For Raising Academically Successful And Socially Conscious Children

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Shafeeq A. Ameen, PhD

Parenthood 101 is a realistic and easily applicable blueprint for raising academically successful and socially conscious children regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. The lessons within are vital for parents who are searching for a practical guide to raise their children in a manner that will benefit them, their family, and society at large. With easily approachable guides, Dr. Shafeeq A. Ameen relays a style of parenting that is clearly missing from the global academic dialogue and shares all the knowledge you need in order to raise children to be kind, responsible, and respectable members of society.

About the Author

Shafeeq A. Ameen, PhD, is an educator, mentor, and social activist and they currently work as a college professor. Dr. Ameen is married and has four academically successful and socially conscious children. In their spare time, they enjoy reading, writing, and lecturing.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 84