From The Mouth

By  Erik R. Lehmkuhle 
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Today’s America is fraught with a dangerous social agenda. The far-left agencies, from politicians to corporate leaders to educators, are turning American democracy on its head. As an average American from Ohio, Erik R. Lehmkuhle dives deep into the issues plaguing our once-prideful nation and demonstrates where we went wrong and how we can rise again to the top by placing taxpayer money back into the United States through improving education in at-risk areas, focusing once again on family units, and promoting true equality for all races, sexes, and religions.

About the Author

Erik R. Lehmkuhle is an operations manager for a facility in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He and his wife Chantell have been married for six years, and together, they have seven children and three grandchildren. In his spare time, Lehmkuhle enjoys weightlifting, long-distance running, and spending his weekends watching football, but he finds the most joy in spending time with his family in any aspect, especially conducting debates on current events.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 152