Dr. Secil Presents The Black Bonnet

By Dr Secil A. Schodroski
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A doctor by day and a superhero by night, Black Bonnet is a strong African American figure. She fights misinformation and myths about sensitive health issues with clarity and determination, aided by the powers of her blue sapphire ring.

She is a strong, colorful, sexy, smart, and most of all—down to Earth. Black Bonnet and her alter ego tell is like it is, facing issues a range of common, but still misunderstood, health issues head on. She speaks her mind, works out, practices medicine, and teaches patients how to perform self-care. But, really at the heart of it all, she’s a human being just like everyone else and enjoys hugging and spreading love.

Follow along in the exciting and colorful comic adventures of Black Bonnet and encounter fascinating facts about health as she fights her battles.

About the Author

In addition to earning a Ph.D., Dr. Secil, is an active Family Nurse Practitioner. She consults with patients daily regarding topics ranging from erectile dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy, obesity, and primary care.

Like her character, Black Bonnet, Dr. Secil enjoys exercising, bicycling, reading, writing, studying medical issues, attending health conferences, music, and serving the community. She also enjoys the arts as she belongs to several respected organizations and alumni associations such as: International Nurses Association, Black Business and Professional Association, Walden University, Chamberlain University, and she graduated with honors in her Doctoral program, Sigma Theta Tau.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30