African Ways Of Life: KING KABKA and his PEOPLE - A Picture Story

By Horace J. Taylor
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This graphic novel is about a king, his people and the lives they live in their secluded village in Africa. There are other people, culture, and ways of life and they all live together as the joys and difficulties of living in a jungle environment evolves around them.

Wild animals, rituals, villages with huts, and a very long African history is treated…In African there is Culture, there is life.

About the Author

Horace J. Taylor, Graphic designer, illustrator, born in Chicago, IL. Graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Was Art director for the Chicago Defender newspaper, several monthly magazines and a Compose and Layout Artist for the Chicago Tribune newspaper. Horace has a passion for Black History, Africa, Wild Animals, Nature, and Life in general.

Following a strong urge to illustrate and write about Africa, he create this book…

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 96