Jet: King Of The Mustangs: Coloring Book Adventure: Series #2: The Albino

By Dennis Lantz
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When a wild black mustang stallion named Jet encounters an Indian man who wants to tame him, Jet must do everything in his power to protect his herd and himself from capture. Jet King of the Mustangs is a one-of-a-kind coloring book that tells a story of animal instinct and the survival of wild horses.

About the Author

Dennis Lantz has been fascinated with horses since he was eleven years old. His grandfather owned a gentle paint mare named Sally, and Lantz became involved in horse shows such as barrels, pick up race, arena classes, halter classes, and pleasure classes.

Working as a groomer at Prescott Downs Race Track, Lantz met and groomed a horsed named Jet Propulsion, the inspiration for this story. The original Jet is a Calantie (Mexico) mile track record holder of the 1950s.

Lantz, pictured above in his younger years, is riding his favorite horse Powder. The best place for him is in the saddle.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 36